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What they are saying about us

Rate: Excellent

Like best: Excellent acupuncturist who has been able to truly help us with health concerns and accelerate us on our path toward greater well-being-- we really trust and appreciate Dr. Parks!

How to improve: Sought help on a variety of health concerns and received valuable accupuncture care and lifestyle advise. Dr. Parks truly takes an interest and active concern in addressing health issues!

Would recommend: Yes


~Lee Irminger




The whole experience was phenomenal. I have lower back pain, and since starting the acupuncture treatment, my back is feeling better than it felt in years. I strongly recommend this treatment.

Recommend: Yes

 ~George Wiley

Rate: Good

 Today was my first visit to see Dr Park, and my first time ever getting acupuncture. I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years, and I think Dr Park may have me on the road to some relief. I was a little nervous about getting this type of treatment, but Dr Park’s aurora quickly relaxed me. I wish I could describe the treatment, but I can’t find the words other than It was painless, stress less and I felt very relaxed afterwards. I am so glad that I found Dr Park, and I look forward to my next treatment. I will update my review further into my treatments. Today was a good day.

Would recommend: Yes


~Robert Ferguson


Like best: I like the fact that I can do a lot more activity that I was not able to do before. My quality of life has improved significantly.

How to improve: I suffer from chronic back pain and stenosis and I have two prosthetic hips. I have been receiving epidural injections for as long as I can remember and have always been concerned about the long term affects of steroids. After undergoing treatment with Dr. BoDanielle Park, I have felt better that I have ever felt in over a decade. The combination of acupuncture w/ estem and other homeopathic techniques have had a tremendous effect on my mobility and flexibility. My pain level has been the lowest its ever been in a decade. Kudos to Dr. Park and her staff for giving me a new lease on life. Thanks!

Would recommend: YES


"I highly recommend Dr. Park. She is very professional and is very kind. The acupuncture works for me as a form of pain management. It helps me so much that I am able to take no medicine for pain. I highly recommend Dr. Park for anyone who is trying to manage their pain without narcotics, because I no longer have to take narcotics to manage my pain."

~Ivy Butler

I have been suffering from Chronic Migraines since 2013 when I deployed to Afghanistan. It has been a challenge to live life to the fullest, or even have energy to get out of bed to complete daily tasks. Since 2014, I tried to treat my own migraines with taking daily Tylenol, Advil, and then numerous migraine  medicines that only made it worse or gave me side effects.

Now in 2017, I have seen Dr. BoDanielle Park for five months, and I will say that her treatments have helped on the spot. When I come with a 10 out of 10 migraine, she knows exactly how to treat it. Although treatments are temporary pain relief, this is a big step that will only be better. I am hoping that with future treatments, the pain will be gone permanently. Dr. BoDanielle, I cannot thank you enough for being so patient and an excellent healer.

~Operation Enduring Freedom Female Marine

Dr. Park cured my son-in-law's injured ankle with an hour of treatment. He came in on crutches and left without them. I had never seen acupuncture done before and was very impressed. I would highly recommend her services.

~Betsy F.

I had a migraine that had persisted for 6 days both on the right and left side of my head. After 40 minutes of acunpuncture treatment by Dr. Park, the migraines went away. Thank you so much Dr. Park!

~Diane S.

I had ptergyum ever since I was a child. From time to time, it would get better, but would always come back worse. After I got treatment from Dr. BoDanielle, the area of the whiteness has decreased in size and am very excited about future treatments with Dr. BoDanielle.


I had chronic pain due to high blood pressure. I sustained an injury two weeks before visiting Dr. Park which hurt my back. After my first visit with Dr. Park, I felt so much better and the pain was significantly reduced. She also recommended dieting and exercise, which helped to manage my blood pressure. I strongly recommend Dr. Park if you are seeking a skilled acupuncturist.

~Mr. Baek

Thanks, I may drive down for an appointment but I will let you know when. I just can't find anyone around here with your knowledge and quality of service....

~Jeff G.

This was my first time getting acupuncture. Was not sure what to expect.  My therapist was Dr. Park. She was excellent. Very knowledgeable and took her time tp explain everything she was going to do and why. It was again my first visit and it was an excellent experience.  I feel better, but to soon to tell how much better I will feel.  Look forward to my next visit.

~David N.

Doctor BoDanielle takes a healthy holistic approach that I appreciate. Her skill in acupuncture is  paralleled with her caring approach to get to the cause of the issues.

~Sol H.

I have been treated with Dr.BoDanielle for 5 months and she has helped me a lot with my chronic migraines. I recommend her to anyone who needs help medically. 5Plus stars!

~Ana M.

I had a bad vision problem that came upon me suddenly whereas I could hardly see. Dr Park was able to work me in to see her that day and gave me a treatment and also gave me another treatment two days later. The first treatment helped me to see like normal. The second treatment sharpened my vision. After that, I saw my ophthalmologist who could not explain what happened . But after examining my eyes , he said the weak spot I have had on my retina from prior exams was gone. I was elated. Dr Park is a compassionate person who listens and treated my problem with stellar results. I highly recommend her.

~Mr. Crossland

I had been diagnosed with a leaky gut and candida overgrowth. This diagnosis meant that I suffered from extreme fatigue, acne, mood swings, change in my tongue color, and sensitivity to a lot of foods. I was told I needed to change my diet, which I did, but unfortunately did not see much improvement. After a month of seeing, Dr. Park and receiving treatment, I have seen a major improvement. I now have a lot more energy, more freedom in my food intake, my tongue is not a normal pink, and I have noticed that my candida had greatly reduced. I would highly recommend Dr. Park and acupuncture treatment, as it has been extremely beneficial and life changing for me.

~Kelley E.

I suffer from severe vertigo that comes and goes as it pleases. Doctors told me it was just a matter of waiting until it passed, and there was not much they could do for me, until I came to see Dr. Park. Dr. Park did not take no for an answer and did everything in her power to help me with my vertigo, and that she did. My vertigo would normally last me 5-7 days at a time, but it quickly changed to only 3 days, after just two treatments. I am so thankful for Dr. Park and will continue seeing her to treat my vertigo.

~Roger E.

 ​ I really enjoyed the therapy I received from Dr. BoDanielle Park for my Lower back pain. I am an air force veteran and have experienced severe low back pain as a result of an injury while I was serving 30 years ago. Which at times it was difficult to get out of bed due pain Dr. BoDanielle Park is very professional, kind,compassionate and generous. Every time I receive Acupuncture treatment I feel so much better. I am truly grateful for all. Because It has changed my life I can do activities that I never can do before. She also help me to stop smoking after 20 + years. I thank God for DR. BoDanielle Park.

~Victoria Pearman.

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